Tuition and Fees at EWCIS are intentionally kept at an affordable level. Most of the courses will be completed online or in virtual classes while some can be done in a class room in Thailand and at EWCIS’s regional offices. Therefore, tuition and fees will be different, based on on educational forms, settings, and the economic level of the country where a student comes from. For further information, please emails


EWCIS offers a Church Partnership Program to churches contributing to the financial support of a student while studying at EWCIS in preparation for ministry. The Church Partnership Program allows EWCIS to match the financial contribution made by a church toward a student’s tuition up to one third of the total tuition amount. This means most commonly the church contributes 1/3, EWCIS 1/3, and the student 1/3, toward the student’s tuition.

To get a scholarship, please bring the CPSP Form from your supporting church, signed by an authorized pastor or representative of the church, specifying the amount of support. The church should send the fund at least before the end of courses registration.

Download the CPSP Form


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